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These short mugs are just that...short.  Each is between 3 and 3.5" tall and holds approximately 8 oz.  They can be textured (examples shown) or simply glazed.  Every handle will be different based on the design of the mug.  Because they are short, the handles typically do not accommodate 3 - 4 fingers and are generally designed for 1 or 2 fingers.  These in-stock mugs are sold individually for $12 each or can be customer ordered in sets of 2.  All customer orders will be priced based on size, style and quantity.  Prices will vary.  

Item #26 - Short Mugs

  • Returns are not accepted.  Pricing does not include shipping.  Shipping costs vary based on your location.  You will be notified of an estimated shipping cost prior to completing the transaction.

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