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A true Honor

I was recently given the true honor of making a urn for the beloved pet of a good friend. The dog was named Abby and she was a beautiful black and white dog that meant the world to my friend. I knew that I had to do my utmost to get this right. We agreed to use the black clay that I am so fond of and I wanted to add some white as well. We wanted the piece to remain just black and white, no glaze. I used white slip and applied it in the hakeme style to give the piece some movement and then I lightly burnished the piece before it was fired to cone 10. I think it came out beautifully and even more important, my friend loves it. I don't take these kind of requests lightly. If I don't believe I can do what the owner wants, I won't take the job. It is way to important not to do it right.

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