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100 pieces sold in 2020!

I went into this because I had always wanted to learn how to use the potters wheel. To be honest - I never gave it much of a thought beyond that...I wanted to learn. Finally, after I retired I took some classes and then I found our local amazing community studio and I took a few more classes. I am retired, so I could spend as much time as I wanted playing with clay. I threw, I learned, I failed and then one day someone asked if I sold anything. I laughed. ME? I am just a beginner, but I was getting better. Then a dear friend offered to let me sell some pet bowls in her store. That kind of led me to create a name for my work, which led to a website, which led to posting some pieces on Facebook each time we unload the kiln, which led to some sales, and then some commission sales and here we are. In 2020 (as of December 5, 2020), I have sold 100 pieces. Pet bowls, mugs, sets, sponge holders, nested serving bowls, toothbrush holders, bathroom sets, and most recently...a few plates. The thing is...I am loving it. I don't ever want it to become a chore so I am still a bit cautious. I also recognize that by comparison to some of the potters I know...I am still very much a beginner. But as long as people like what I make and it makes them happy, then I am happy to let them buy a few pieces.

I would never have guessed when I started this 20 months ago that I would have sold 100 pieces in a is always full of surprises!

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Dec 06, 2020

It has been so much fun to see your life as a potter evolve and to witness the beauty, creativity and the joy that reflects in every thing you create from clay. Janiece, the pleasure is all of ours as we watch this passion of yours happening, growing and all the amazing pieces that result from that. Thank you for sharing this experience and adventure with us as your friends. We have know each other since we were wee children and it gives me such happiness to see the joy and smiles being a potter gives to you. Enjoy every minute of it! It truly is your gift to your self and to all of us.

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