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Who would have thought? The year 2020 and the entire world is locked down, in some form of quarantine for weeks...because of a virus...a cold virus that is proving to be extremely deadly and not easy to treat.

Like many, I have been living within the guidelines of our local "Shelter-in-place" order. I go grocery shopping once every 2 - 2.5 weeks. I do not go to any other stores (not even ceramic stores). I have been working in our yard and garden during the nice days and yes, I have continued to go to the studio. I am one of a small number of people that have keys for our studio and there is rarely more than two of us at any point in time in the building right now. We sanitize, we wear masks and we stay in different areas of the studio. Most is just me. I decided that I would use this time to accomplish three things: Practice those techniques I still struggle with (like pulling handles). Finish items that were ordered by clients. Make bowls for the Empty Bowl campaign in our community. I assume that there will be fewer people making bowls this year because of the shut-down. Since I am so fortunate as to have access, I want to help make up for that. So I am making bowls. I have about 30 ready to go right now and hope to get another 20 made by the end of this month. If the shut-down continues into May, I will make another 25 - 30 (one per day minimum). None of us knows what our new "norm" is going to be once we do open things back up. We have no idea how long it will be before the next found of the virus hits or when we will have a vaccine, etc. But what I do know is that there will likely be more people suffering from hunger than before so my little contribution will barely scratch the surface...but it will help a little. Some people are making masks, I am making bowls, others grow food...we all need to contribute something because that is what a civilized society does. We give back.

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