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COVID19 Era Pottery

I am sure that the last 4 - 6 weeks has been rather stressful for most. I also know that like many other potters, I have buried myself in making pots. Bowls, mugs, jars, butter bells, sponge holders, pet bowls, pitchers, etc. Some were client requests, others have now been sold...the rest because I needed to keep my mind active and focus on things I could control and not the chaos around me.

Some of the pieces I am very pleased with, others not so much. Pretty typical actually. I learn from everything I make. There are days where I can produce several pieces exactly as I had envisioned the to be. On other days the clay makes its will known and I have learned to let it take me where it wants to go. Then you have the days where every single piece ends up becoming reclaimed clay. Kind of like life...good days, days where everything went a different direction and days that you should have stayed in bed!

Regardless, it has been good for me to continue working with the clay. It keeps my mind sharp and keeps me focused on things that I can (more or less) control. I am, like most, looking forward to what our new norm will be. To those days, when we can go to our local brew pub and enjoy a beer and a burger. When we can get our haircut again and when we have people back to work. I look forward to it with both anticipation and a wee bit of trepidation because it is "new" and it most certainly will be "different". So until that happens, I will continue to work in the mud - both at the studio with clay and in my own gardens that are showing great promise so far.

Lastly - let us not forget to be kind as much as possible, to be compassionate to those you meet and to wear a mask for both your protection and to protect those around you because that is what decent humans do.

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