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Getting Organized

One would think that with a pandemic I would have spent much of the first half of this year at home, getting things organized. I mean wouldn't that have made sense? We were being asked not to travel, not to gather, to stay home, etc. So one could logically expect that it would be a great time to clean out closets, get organized, throw some stuff out, etc. Logical yes, but apparently not for me.

So here we are, quickly approaching Halloween and I have decided it is time.

First, I spend several hours in my little studio getting things organized there. Labeling things, putting stuff where it actually belongs, cleaning, etc. Surprisingly, that is NOT where I needed to spend my time. The real need was at home - where I store my pieces! I have large plastic bins with lids and each bin holds pieces designated for a certain purpose. Items sold that need to be shipped. Items for sale. Items to be donated for our local "Empty Bowl" campaign. Pet item inventory that will ultimately be sold to Hanks Pet Food Market in Loveland, CO. Then there is the box of inevitable "seconds and items just looking for a good home". THAT is the box I really need to figure out...but that will be another day.

The last big area that requires organization is all of the shipping/packing materials that I need to keep on hand for those items that some kind soul has purchased. I think, over time, I have narrowed down the box sizes that I typically need to just three or four - but even those require a place to store them, plus the bio-peanuts, plus the bubble wrap, plus the tape and the labels, etc. It still surprises me what it takes to be a hobbyist! That is the area I am focused on now. Gradually, ever so slowly, it is getting some structure. One really can't rush this process because making more pots is a higher priority!

So as the leaves turn color and fall from our trees, the organization effort continues. Maybe, by the end of the year I will be satisfied, or maybe I will have become distracted (yet again). Does it matter? Not really.


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