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Help, I've injured my hand and I can't throw!

Actually, it is my wrist and thumb, but the end results are the same...I can't do much of anything for at least one more week (it has already been one week...without touching clay). The original injury was last fall...I was pruning the rosemary and apparently tried to cut a piece that was too thick an too tough for the hand-pruners I was using and immediately paid the consequences. Did it stop me from doing what I really enjoy? Of course not! I had pots to make, I had pieces to finish for Christmas...I knew that if would just eventually get better and the pain would go away. I was wrong. The pain didn't go away, it got worse. Finally, four months (maybe five?), I went to my doctor and after several dramatic eye-rolls (by her), she explained that I have developed tendinitis and it would not get better unless I gave my wrist, my hand and my thumb rest. I sat there thinking, well, OK, I can probably do that for a few days, maybe I just won't wedge the clay, I can use it right out of the bag...

Wrong again. She isn't talking about a few days. More likely a few weeks. Full rest. Do NOT USE. I sat there nodding my head, but it was clear that it wasn't computing. I could not have heard that right, surely she hadn't just said "brace"! Well, she had and I had heard it just fine. I wanted to be in denial, but since she was physically putting it on my hand while I sat there, clearly she was being serious. Week 1 without pottery has been what you would imagine...boring and depressing. I can hardly wait for week two! It's not just that I can't throw...I can't do ANYTHING! The brace does what it is intended to is keeping my hand, thumb, and wrist pretty much immobile. I can hardly pick up a fork, much less work with something as delicate and pottery.

Today, I had to break the rules for as long as it took me to finish work in the last 12 pieces that came out of bisque. Some of them were custom orders so I felt like I really needed to push them through as the next glaze firing is going to be very soon and the kiln is already being loaded. So I did, I spent 2.5 hours, sanding, waxing and glazing 12 pots (bowls, mugs, etc.) using one hand. Horribly slow and I did use my other hand to brace things on occasion, but I got it done and they are all ready to be loaded. I promised I would not do anything else this coming week and I will keep that promise. I will sulk a lot, but I will keep my promise in hopes that after another week my hand will be feeling better and I will be able to do the things I want to do. So much little time! :-)

Even typing this is a real exercise in handed typing. I am NOT a good patient!



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Feb 24, 2020

Well, isn't that a pretty thing! Yikes!! You have my full sympathy. I'm nursing a sore knee and not doing any better job than you did at letting it rest. I'm leary to go to the doc because I know what he will say - similar to what your doc said I suspect. In any case, in another week you will be back to your passion. In the meantime, maybe an audiobook or long walks is in order.

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