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I know better than to say it...but seriously...

2020 - it will go down in the books as being one of the most bizarre years the world has known. It started with Australia. Then came COVID-19 the pandemic. Then social unrest with protests and riots followed by more fires. And yes, a ton of things in between each of these events and the year isn't even 75% over with. I think I can speak for many people - we just want to get through these last 3.5 months and keep our lives and our sanity.

So what does this have to do with pottery one may ask? Not a lot, other than, as with many craftsmen and can shape the way we look at our work, the way we make things and our desire to make things. The events of this year have certainly given me reason to pause and think. I hope it has many people. Climate change, politics, diversity vs divisiveness, etc.

Living in the PNW and experiencing first hand some of the biggest fires OR and WA have seen in decades. Living miles away from one of the bigger fires and yet smothered...literally by smoke, choking, dense, smoke and ash for days. Speaking with family and friends in Colorado where they were dealing with their own fires followed by a very early snowfall (right after Labor Day). It all plays a role in our individual perspective.

I am thankful, every single day, that found clay and that I found a community of like minded souls where I can spend hours playing, learning, exploring and yes...ignoring the world around me - even if just for a few minutes each day. It helps to ground oneself in such a positive environment.

I am also so thankful for those friends and family members who continue to show an interest in my work and have been buying many pieces and sharing my work with others. I am always shocked when someone expresses interest in something I made and I am humbled by it.

So as I started out this post...I know better than to tempt fate by asking "what next"...I really don't want to know. I can only hope that 2020 exits stage left without more disruption, more devastation, and more chaos and until then...bring on the mud.

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