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I'm Back!

After a multiple month sabbatical, I am finally getting back in the grove of things. Last year, we decided to adopt two 10 week old puppies. Yes, the same time! Siblings in fact - a boy and a girl. The boy we named Kai and the girl Rue. They are mutts that are referred to as "Auggies" which means a mixture of a standard Pembroke Corgi with a Mini Australian Shepherd. High energy, super intelligent, stubborn,..they have controlled most every aspect of our lives for the last 9 months. After five months of not being in the studio at all, I have slowly been getting back to a 3 day per week schedule. This means I have less time to get a lot of stuff made!

Let me introduce you to the pups who just turned a year old a couple of days ago. Kai is at the top and Rue at the bottom. Time to get to work!

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