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New Toys - the Ongoing Saga

Yes, I love new toys. I love to try different techniques (regardless of whether or not I am good at them). Since I am now retired, I do have to check myself on occasion simply because I really need to stay within my budget, but I still invest in new toys every so often. Yesterday was one of those days.

Our local ceramics store was having their annual open house - Oh Boy! Yes, this meant sales on some items like clay (as long as you purchased at least 50 lbs, you got the ton rate) and some tools. I had been wanting to buy a couple new ribs, a hake bamboo brush, a shredder, and a spindle tool. I had been putting it off because I knew that this event was coming.

So I head over. I am one of the first people to arrive and received a goody bag! A couple of under glazes and a couple of clay stamps! I then watched one of our local master potters do a couple of demos using the potters wheel and ultimately he showed us his techniques for using slip to do surface decorations. Now it was time to look around. What goodies could I find? I headed over and found the two ribs that I wanted (both MUD brand), the clay shredder, the 5" spindle tool, the hake bamboo brush, and a Wizi Wig chamois. Checked everything off of my list without adding anything...feeling very proud of myself...staying in budget.

Alas, I then looked at the Cone 10 clay that they were selling at the ton rate. No, I don't have any place to house several hundred pounds of clay. I don't even have a place to house a hundred pounds of clay. However, I could put 50 lbs in the back of my car...but which one did I want? I finally settled on 50 lbs of a lovely stoneware/porcelain blend that fires to a nice just slightly off white. Yay! As I was checking out, they gave me a 5lb bag of a different clay to try "free". Double Yay!!

On my drive home, I realized that I really need to consider renting studio space where I go to play in the mud. I don't have to invest in a wheel yet, I can continue to use theirs...but I would have a place to start storing my toys, my clay, my slips so I can use the back of my car for other finished pieces (oh and groceries).

I am mulling over the idea...I may talk to the owners of the studio this week to see what is available and the monthly cost, or I may wait until after the first of the year. Either way...the saga of ongoing toys continues, and to be honest, I wouldn't want it any other way.



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