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Phase II - The Reopening

Like so many, my life has been impacted by COVID-19. I have not been ill, in fact, I have been quite healthy. But so many other things have been impacted; schedules, businesses, routines, etc. I know I have been fortunate. Fortunate to live in a community that shut down quickly and flattened the curve. Fortunate to have had access to my studio during the shutdown so I could continue to play in the mud and create. Fortunate to have remained healthy and to have had my friends and family across the country remain healthy. So here we are - entering Phase II of the Reopening of our economy. The Studio that I belong to has opened back up. They are using software that allows people to reserve work spaces and thus limits the number of people in the studio at any point in time and everyone MUST wear a mask. They are starting their classes back up as well. So excited! It is great to see so many faces and to hear so many voices in the studio again! Exciting, yet a bit nervous...I think we all are. We know that this isn't done, but we are hopeful. I also know how fortunate I am to be able to have my own studio space, to have been able to continue to create and play during the past couple of months. I was just checking the app I use to track my pottery and I have 60 pieces ready to be glaze fired and 21 pieces in process (thrown, trimmed, bisqued, etc.). I have been busy!

I am also selling more of my work. I have had several orders placed in the last couple of months from friends and from people who have seen some of my work and want something specific. I am fortunate that I can do this as a hobby. I am fortunate that I have friends that allow me to sell my work in their store!

Yes, I am fortunate...and I don't ever want to take that for granted. I try to give back whenever the opportunity arises. I have been making bowls for our local Empty Bowl Campaign. I am hoping that they are going to have the event this year, but if they need to postpone, I will hold the pieces until next year. I know - this post has been kind of all over the place. It is kind of the way y brain has been functioning lately...a bit all over the place. But in this era of COVID-19, during a time where the world has been dealing with significant illness, significant death, significant loss, we need to allow ourselves to be a bit scattered, a little less structured, a little more...well...human. We should be thankful for what we have, be aware of our own good fortune and above all else, be kind. So on that note - be safe, be well, be kind.


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