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Summer, Covid, and Pottery

I have been remiss in posting a blog...where has the summer gone? It seems like every day I get up with the expectation of getting so much done, but by days end...not so much.

COVID remains an issue - we had a month...literally ONE MONTH where we had put the masks down (for the most part) opened up the businesses, restaurants, etc. and people were trying to find their way in the new/old normal. It was nice, but well...too many people chose not to get vaccinated and so here we are...wearing masks again. Sigh...

It has also been hot - record breaking hot. "Hot" like the PNW has never seen before. And now the fires, the smoke and another round of 100 degree days. Ugh...

But of course, none of that has anything to do with pots! But it does kind of explain why maybe I have not been keeping up with my blog...mentally I have just not been in the right space. Not sure I am now either, but I'll give it a "go".

With few exceptions, I am at the studio almost every day. Maybe just for a few minutes to cover or uncover some pieces, or maybe for 4+ hours throwing pots. When I am at the studio I easily get into the "zone" and the world could come to an end and I would still be at the wheel covered in clay and with a rib in one hand and a trimming tool in the other. I have been keeping business with pots for the Whiteaker Community Market that I sell at once per month with one of my fellow Mud Sisters; and with pottery that people have ordered. Recently it has been herb planters and larger planters. Before that it was cereal bowls and pet bowls. Now it is pieces for the upcoming holidays. I am so fortunate to have so many friends continuing to support me and my dirty habit!!!

So in spite of Covid, heat, fires, drought, etc. life remains good. I garden, I make pots, and I thrive.

Happy August y'all!

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