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The Journey

I have been an avid gardener for years, many, many years. I have gardened in the Rocky Mountain region and the Pacific Northwest. I have grown veg, flora, trees, shrubs, grasses and pretty much anything I could get my hands on. It has been one of my passions over the years and it still is. There is something about working in the dirt that is so extremely satisfying. In the spring, I can hardly wait to get outside and feel the damp earth between my fingers. Tilling up the soil in preparation for planting and of course...pouring over catalogs and wandering through greenhouses.

There was, however, something missing. I needed a way to play in the mud AND create something during the fall and winter months when gardening is either slow or at a standstill. I had always wanted to try throwing clay on the wheel, but life (and work) always got in the way...and then I retired.

I started my newest journey of mud by taking wheel classes locally. I am very fortunate to live in a community that has a lot of artists and businesses that support them. I have never looked back. Pottery truly is an extension of gardening and gardening is an extension of pottery, at least for me.

I named my pottery and my blog after twin Hemlock trees that we see every day from our living room window. Their beauty is a constant source of inspiration.

This latest journey of mud is still relatively new which is why I have created this page and this blog. I hope that others will join me on this journey and I look forward to your comments and thoughts. The journey is mine, but I am happy to share it with others. I hope to learn from those who have made this journey before me and maybe, eventually, to support those who choose to follow.

Welcome to my journey in mud...

A simple soup bowl in Ohata Red and Black. Glazed to cone 10

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