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The power of community

I started back at the studio today. Three weeks off with my right hand in a brace due to a bad sprain of the thumb and hand. It still hurts, but it was time to start using it again so I ventured out to my home away from home and was greeted by many of my fellow studio members and friends when I walked through the door. It made me realize the power of community...any community. In my case, it is being around people who love to work with clay, love to play in the mud, love to share ideas and thoughts and just "be". It has been a very long time since I have felt this sense of community, of being and I realized today that I had been missing it, even if I was unaware of doing so.

Like many studios, we have people who are incredibly talented and highly skilled (not me) and those who are just getting their feet wet for the first time (also not me) and then, everyone in between (me). We help each other. We laugh and we some times curse. We share, we support, we help, we teach and we are taught. Men and women alike...handbuilders and wheel throwers and sculptors we all play in clay and we are all a part of a very, very special community because, quite simply, we ARE a community.

I am proud to be part of this community and humbled at being accepted by those around me. It is a privilege and not one that I take lightly but one that I fully embrace with great pleasure.

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