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Touching ones' face...

Like most of the world right now, we are dealing with the COVID-19 virus (aka Novel Coronavirus 2019). I am not going to get all political or even discuss the what-ifs. That is not what this blog is about. I am hear to write about the instructions we have all been given about washing our hands (20 seconds) and not touching our faces. Seems reasonable right? Seems like something most adults should be able to do without too much effort...right? NOPE! At least not THIS adult!

Yes, I wash my hands a thousand times a day now...but I also probably touch my face at least that many times and maybe more! I had no idea, absolutely NO IDEA how often I touch my face until I am not supposed to and then...OMG! These are the things can make a seemingly sane person go crazy. I know I am not supposed to...but I do, so then I have to wash my hands again (but the damage has already been done)....ARGH!

After a few days of chasing my own tail over this, I realized that the safest place for me to be during this time is not at home...but in my studio. Two very viable reasons: First, you don't touch your face when you are doing pottery because you don't want clay all over your face! It dries your skin quickly and that is not comfortable, especially on your face. Second, natural clay has antibacterial properties. Yes, I know that COVID-19 is a virus, not a bacteria. Regardless, I do believe clay is a natural antiseptic and keeps all bad guys at bay. True? No idea...but it's my story and I am sticking to it. In all seriousness, we have been taking this global health crisis quite seriously. I am truly not living at the studio as I would like to do. I am limiting my time there to just a few hours a couple times each week and when I go, I do so when I know there won't be others present AND I disinfect everything I touched before I leave. COVID-19 is not a joke and we should treat it as the serious health concern that it is. So, it will be a few more weeks before much gets done and I am using this time to review my recent work, looking at areas for improvement and considering new pieces that I might want to make. It isn't quite the same, but then nothing is right now...everything is just somewhat out-of-whack. This too shall pass but until it does, be safe, be smart, be kind.



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