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Yes, I'm bad

Yup...color me bad. It's been several months since I updated this blog. It's been summer, I've been busy.

In fact, I actually have been busy. After a three week trip to the UK and Ireland, we returned to Eugene and things got really busy. I have been in the studio a lot this summer, but we have been working outside a lot, playing pickleball, taking the dogs on walks, etc. It has been a nice summer here in the PNW. The fire season wasn't as bad as the last few years and we could actually enjoy being outside!


Pottery - it is still my focus. I have been trying several different things this summer - some more successful than others. I have found a couple of glaze combinations that I love, others not so in particular that...if I can get it stunning.

I have also had the immense pleasure of being asked by a friend if I would like to put some of my pet food bowls in her store back in Colorado. She owns a pet supply store in Loveland, CO. (Hanks). I had made a few bowls for a non-profit that I support and had posted a couple of pics. She like them and wanted me to consider putting some in her store. I happily complied! In the process, several other people made note of what I was working on and I have received several additional requests which I am currently in the process of fulfilling. Those conversations led another friend to ask me about yet another type of pet related product. I have started a couple of prototypes of that and will post more info about it once I have something I like.

This is how it goes. One person asks a question or comments on a post via social media...that leads to others. I am not in this as a revenue stream. I have no intentions of trying to make a living from this...that was never my focus. I want to enjoy what I am doing, learn more about it and continue to grow in clay. If others fine some pieces they like and they want to buy them from me...great! That just means more clay that I can buy and use to make other things. That is how I like it. I admire those that are way more dedicated to their art and want to make it their career. I support that wholeheartedly. It just isn't for me at this stage of my life.

So, as part of this website, I have now created a new page for pet related items (cat and dog). I hope to have a whole bunch more in the next couple of months once I figure out a few things.

I would like to say that I will be much better about posting in this blog...but I know better. I will...when I have something I want to say or share. Until then...peace.

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